I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial professionals and practitioners all over the world build an extraordinary business around doing what they love. Read my story

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Steve is amazing and really cares about me and my business

Arun Ferguson

Steven's support towards our business objectives has been invaluable

Jill Flint-Taylor

Steven is always very motivational and takes away my stress

Sharon Dunne




How to Get Work Life Harmony in 3 simple steps

Harmony is just making an agreement, well actually a commitment, with yourself. The commitment is that once you have finished focusing on one area of your life, you will then focus on another that was previously taking a rest.




Ticking all the Boxes

The hard work put in by Patrick, Sarah and their team is producing truly amazing results. We started working together in July 2014 and at the time of writing the business is ticking all of the boxes.

Adam’s Commitment Inspiring

After our first session together Adam got huge clarity on his endgame vision not just for his business but for his ideal life. This provided the backbone to our sessions as we worked closer to his ideal future.

Create a Business that WORKS and PAYS for your Lifestyle.

Does this sound familiar? Make a change today!




If you aren’t working every single day for your business, your income grinds to a halt.



Having a vision or ultimate goal seems impossible as you spend your time fire fighting month to month.



Sacrificing Family and Leisure time to drive the business, a lack of time to plan beyond the present.



Budgeting, Cashflow and ability to Invest in growth opportunities internally and externally.


With my team we’ve created lots of different products and programmes, using feedback from people like you to help you on your journey to owning an extraordinary business doing what you love and making a difference.

Everything here is designed for technicians, professionals, and practitioners who want to build a real business, which can run with or without them, make a difference and stop selling time for money. Moving from owning a job to owning a business. People like coaches, trainers, consultants, designers, therapists etc.

Business Transformation Course with Mentoring

This course is for professionals or practitioners who already have a full time business but have found that if they don’t work they don’t get paid and they want more time and more cash to live their ideal lifestyle.

Lifestyle Passion Business Course

This course is for you if you have already started a business built around your passion but you also have a day job, or another income source, to help pay the bills.

Lifestyle Passion Business with Group Mentoring

Be able to quit your day job and step into your passion business full time with hands on help, support, encouragement and accountability.

Group Mentoring and Coaching

Accomplish the goals you set out to achieve. Every two weeks for six months you, the other members of your mentoring group and I will get together online to move you closer to your ideal future business.

One to One Mentoring and Coaching

Get to your dream business and lifestyle much quicker. Once a month you and I will get on a call or meet face to face to work together using the Profits Principles to overcome your challenges and to work towards your goals.

The Profits Principles™

The book was written for you if you are a business owner who wrestles to get balance in your life and find you are busy in your business but not progressing as you would hope towards your dream business and ideal lifestyle.



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