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Lifestyle Passion Business Course

A self-paced online learning course to give you what you need to move from having a part-time passion business and full time job to move full time into your passion business whilst still being able to pay the bills and have fun.

Lifestyle Passion Business Course


The course is divided into 6 modules with each module building on the previous one. It’s a journey to your ideal business.

Who’s it for

This course is for you if you have already started a business built around your passion but you also have a day job, or another income source, to help pay the bills and you want to work in your business full time. It’s a course that you can take at your own pace and learn on your own. Want guided help through this course? check out the Lifestyle Passion Business Course with Mentoring course.

What to expect

At the end of the course you will have everything you need to step into your passion business full time and be able to leave your day job whilst still being able to pay the bills and have fun.

Time required

Learn in your own time at your own pace. Typically each module will require approximately 2 hours to go through and then another 2 to 3 hours to implement.

Course Modules

Module 1 - Your Why

You will dig deep into yourself to identify or reaffirm your “why” in your business and get clarity on what you really want to create in and with your business.

Module 2 - Mindset and use of your Time

You will understand who you need to be and what you need to do as a business owner and be able to have time for the other things in your life.

Module 3 - Create a Niche

Identify and find your ideal customers who love what you do and are fun to work with.

Module 4 - Packages and Prices

You will stop selling time for money by creating packages that your customers want and base your price on value.

Module 5 - Selling and Marketing

You will be able to get your message out to your ideal customers and have your packages sell themselves with the confidence to make the sale.

Module 6 - Systems

You will be able to get the same great results every single time in every area of your business.

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Steve is amazing and really cares about me and my business

Arun Ferguson

Steven's support towards our business objectives has been invaluable

Jill Flint-Taylor

Steven is always very motivational and takes away my stress

Sharon Dunne

Does this sound familiar? Make a change today!




If you aren’t working every single day for your business, your income grinds to a halt.



Having a vision or ultimate goal seems impossible as you spend your time fire fighting month to month.



Sacrificing Family and Leisure time to drive the business, a lack of time to plan beyond the present.



Budgeting, Cashflow and ability to Invest in growth opportunities internally and externally.




Ticking all the Boxes

The hard work put in by Patrick, Sarah and their team is producing truly amazing results. We started working together in July 2014 and at the time of writing the business is ticking all of the boxes.

Adam’s Commitment Inspiring

After our first session together Adam got huge clarity on his endgame vision not just for his business but for his ideal life. This provided the backbone to our sessions as we worked closer to his ideal future.

A Remarkable Lady, Team, and Business

Sharon’s personal income has increased by 70% and we’ve saved her over £26,500 in tax by being more tax efficient. Sharon now has more time to spend with her husband and travel to more destinations than before.



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