The Profits Principles™


The Practical Guide to Building an Extraordinary Business Around Doing What You Love

What is it about?

It’s a how-to guide to go from owning a job to owning a business in seven steps. You’ll learn what actions need to be taken to build your dream business, which will thrive with or without you, give you the lifestyle you desire and enable you to make a difference.

a how-to guide to go from owning a job to owning a business in seven steps

Who is it for?

The Profits Principles was written for you if you are a business owner who wrestles to get balance in your life and find you are busy in your business but not progressing as you would hope towards your dream business, your ideal lifestyle and making the impact you want.

The interesting thing is this book works for a range of different business owners because the principles of business are the same regardless of the size, sector, stage or location of your business.

busy in your business but not progressing as you would hope

What will you get from reading it?

If you are in business already, the actions you will take from my book will quickly move your business to the next level. Well pretty much instantly if you take action on the suggested next steps.

If you are starting out, my book will give you the blueprint to build your dream business without the many pitfalls. Have a business that you love, makes a difference and provides for your ideal lifestyle without trying to find this as you go.

If you are stuck at a plateau, my book will smash through it.

If you are cash, profit or time poor, my book will transform your life.

You’ll also get some cool bonuses to help you on your journey to your dream lifestyle passion business.

Packed full of incredibly simple, practical and powerful ideas

Steve Pipe

Perfect for a six-figure revenue business that wants to lay the foundations for seven figures

Daniel Priestley

This is a how-to living, breathing manual to create an extraordinary business

Paul Dunn

Who am I to write it?

As a business mentor and former chartered accountant, I’ve seen businesses with their clothes off, the true workings and goings on behind the scenes. I see what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve seen success and failure on many difference levels and I’ve had access to that since 2000.

I’m also an award-winning entrepreneur myself, my own business journey started back in 2006.

I’ve helped time poor businesses get to a place where they work one day per week.

I’ve helped loss-making businesses get into six figures profit.

I’ve helped cash poor businesses go from no cash to so much cash they don’t know what to do with it.

I’ve seen businesses with their clothes off

Why did I write it?

I was fed up of seeing business owners work really hard and not get anywhere. They waste their potential, time and energy whilst not making the impact in the world they set out to make. It kills me to see this.

So may businesses close down and shatter the dreams of the owner. This happens for a number of reasons but I believe there are four key factors.

  1. Not many people are taught entrepreneurship and business in school, I certainly wasn’t, and society tends to steer us towards a ‘safe’ employee job rather than being an employer.
  2. Planning and market research are often overlooked or not detailed enough.
  3. There is little or no support, guidance, and accountability.
  4. The owners aren’t passionate enough, if at all, about their business.

I too went through this process but luckily made it through to the other side. I decided that I don’t want business owners to rely on luck to build their dream business, be happy and make a difference to this planet. I want them to have a concrete guide they can use time and time again throughout their journey to do what they love, have a great lifestyle and make an impact.

I was fed up of seeing business owners work really hard and not get anywhere

Where can you get a copy?

Available via Amazon in Paperback and Kindle



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