I’ve started this blog to get my thoughts and ideas written down on paper, well on online paper, so I can explore them more once they are out of my head.

I also want to share my thoughts and ideas with other people like you to start and continue conversations about topics that interest you as well as me. I hope this leads to new ways of thinking, new ways of helping business owners and building new relationships.

My story so far is that I mentor and coach entrepreneurs using my PROFITS Principles to help them do work they love whilst working less and making more money. I’ve just written a book about it, which was nearly 2 years in the making and will be released soon once things are finalised with the publisher.

I trained as a Chartered Accountant, had my own accountancy and advisory business but recently sold it. The reason was I fell out of love with accountancy and tax and if I’m honest I didn’t really love it anyway. With hindsight I can see that it was a means to an end to get me to where I am today.

My love in the accountancy and advisory business was the interaction with business owners and being able to help them save tax, keep the tax man happy and improve their business which resulted in them improving their life. Interpreting the numbers, focusing on big picture strategy, planning, creating paths to those planned results and seeing the businesses and the owners’ life improve along the way really motivated me. I found it rewarding and I definitely enjoyed this bit about my business the most.

I love numbers and I am fascinated by business and quickly realised that numbers are the language of business. So I put the two together to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential and to build a business they love whilst having the lifestyle and income they desire.

My biggest passion is educating others to better improve their lives and that’s why I am now mentoring and coaching business owners to do just that using the PROFITS Principles.

That’s my snapshot story so far.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and replying to your comments. Please do comment on this blog as I would love to know what you are thinking.

Have a great day.