I heard today that Scott Dinsmore the founder of Live Your Legend passed away a few days ago in a freak accident whilst climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

I am saddened and feel a deep sense of loss with Scott’s passing even though I didn’t meet with him. A testament to Scott and the revolution he founded at Live Your Legend and the effect he has had on me through his work.

A truly inspirational guy who has helped thousands of people all over the world find and follow their passion. His inspirational (and very popular) TED Talk alone had me hooked.

He passed away doing something he loved. He seemed such a happy, authentic, down to earth and great guy. Someone to look up to and a great role model. In a way it is fitting that he passed away doing something he loved but it doesn’t make his loss any easier.

Long may the Live Your Legend revolution continue in his memory.

Thanks for everything Scott. I’m so grateful for all of your help and support and the community you have helped to build. I started this blog as part of his Blog Challenge and it wouldn’t be here without him.

Thoughts and love sent out to Chelsea, their families, friends and the Live Your Legend Team.

Something I noticed was that Scott is the same age as me which scares me to think about me leaving this world too early but also scares me that I currently am not living my legend to my full potential and making the impact that I believe I can.

I am taking steps to address that with the sale of my accountancy practice and focussing on what I do love to do and I’m passionate about. Yet I feel I need to speed this process up as life is far too short. I already know this when my dad passed away when I was four years old.

I feel conflicted in trying to do something to move forward but finding the time to stop and think to make sure it is the right thing to do. I have always felt like this. Sometimes I get caught in the inertia of the decision and let things move without me, like a surfer choosing to miss a great wave.

I guess I just need to keep moving and once I have moved then determine if the movement made was in the right direction. Then learn from it experience, whether positive or negative, to keep trying to move towards my goals.

Throughout today I have noticed I experience sadness, anger, fear and guilt. All the emotions you can expect from a loss and grief. I am pleased I can recognise and sit with these emotions to slowly try to turn them into love, happiness, courage and gratitude.

I so wanted to meet Scott and be in his presence on the hope that a little bit of him, his inspiration, energy and authenticity would rub off on me. I didn’t get the chance but take comfort in knowing that through his work I will always have a little bit of Scott with me everyday.

I also wanted to work with him because I believe each of our passions are intertwined. Scott helping people find their passion and me helping those people build an extraordinary business around it.

Scott always said that getting out of your natural environment is the best way to think, learn and grow. That’s what I will be doing soon to get some perspective and focus on how I can maximise my potential as quickly as possible whilst also enjoying life along the way. Life isn’t easy, it would be boring if it was.

I have been putting off lots of things I want to do so I need to bring these back to the top of the list and review why the others things are on the list in the first place.

Scott also believed that your environment is key to you living your legend. The people you hang around with have a great influence on you. So the people you spend the most time with should be people who inspire and can help to show you there is possibility in something that seemed impossible.

I still have so much more to learn from Scott’s work at Live Your Legend and I feel sorry that I cannot share my journey with Scott.

I still feel so sad but even more determined to, in his and my own honour, fulfil my potential with my passion and helping the people that I can. That’s what I feel Scott would have wanted.