How to Get Work Life Harmony in 3 simple steps

My recent blog post on the work-life balance myth - it’s work life harmony...

What’s Your Advice for a Better Business, Better Life and Better World?

Imagine yourself sitting down with your (future) grandchildren. Them, wide eyed and eager to hear...

How to Avoid the Work Life Balance Trap

Work/life balance is one of the ultimate business goals; to have a balance between your work and...

Why I Created The Business Freedom Workshop

You most probably see it in your business. Your clients all seem to face similar challenges. If...



The Martian showed its Human side

I recently watched the film The Martian starring Matt Damon and felt moved by the message in the film, well the message I saw, to write a post about it. It was too important not to share.

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The Sale of my Baby

My main business was my baby. In fact, it was my first business. Over time it grew and evolved and it wasn’t the same business now as it was when it started. Nor am I the same as I grew and evolved too.

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Follow the flow Friday

Last Friday I woke up and decided just to do what I wanted to do. To be in my flow and forget about my schedule for the day, which I had planned the day before. I felt a bit fed up of sticking to a schedule.

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Why I’m Blogging

I’ve started this blog to get my thoughts and ideas written down on paper, well on online paper, so I can explore them more once they are out of my head. I also want to share my thoughts and ideas with other people like you to start and continue conversations about topics that interest you as well as me. I hope this leads to new ways of thinking, new ways of helping business owners and building new relationships.

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